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Woven metal curtain with LEDs create an illustrious atmosphere.

Woven Wire Drapery Gallery

Woven wire drapery is ideal for interior and exterior decorations like room divider and facades. There are five styles are ready for your choice.

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Aluminum table cloth.

Metal Cloth Gallery

Metal cloth, made of anodized aluminum, can be red, yellow, blue, silvery or any other color. Available as room dividers, table cloths, window curtains.

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Golden chainmail curtain blends well with the color of the room.

Chainmail Curtain Gallery

Chainmail curtain is easy to catch your eyes when it comes to decorative curtain or room divider. Fringe curtain, ring curtain and track contain are available.

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Silvery chain link screen around the pendent lamp reflects soft light.

Chain Link Curtain Gallery

Chain link curtain is able to come in many different colors such as red, black, silvery, yellow and so on. Its hook construction makes it easy to curved or straight metal curtain.

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