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Flat Chainmail Curtain for A Safe and Privacy Place

Flat chainmail curtain used as shower curtain
Flat chainmail curtain is very different from common curtains. However, it has the same function like privacy. The selling point is that it will last for a much longer time and very easy to keep clean.

Flat chainmail curtain features high privacy and more light is blocked out. It is made of anodized aluminum plates connected by stainless steel rings. As a result of anodized aluminum, this chainmail curtain is available in red, blue, yellow, brown, silvery and any other color.

Owing to its special structure, it is often used as shower curtain which is often surrounded by water vapor and steams. Compared with common cloth curtain, chain mail curtain is more durable and nonflammable.

Flat chainmail curtain features:

  • Protecting your privacy.
  • No rot or damage.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.

Product description:

  • Material: anodized aluminum; stainless steel rings.
  • Color: black, yellow, red or as required.
  • Overall size: customized.

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