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Chainmail Curtain for Antique Appearance and Modern Fashion Feeling

Chainmail curtains consist of linked metal rings together. Compared with individually-welded rings, linked pattern has supple and free-flowing sheets. These features make the curtain easy to pass through.

Chainmail curtain has been an outstanding decorative element for residential and commercial places. On one hand, it is very different from common cloth curtains. Its special metal luster and shimmering create a unique environment. On the other hand, it is nonflammable and easy to clean.

Loose chainmail has less rings per square meter
Fig1: Loose Chainmail
Tight chainmail has more rings per square meter
Fig2: Tight Chainmail
Flat chainmail made of aluminum plated tied by stainless steel rings
Fig3: Flat Chainmail

An increasing number of offices, business places, shops, restaurants and dwellings prefer to chainmail curtains. The versatile curtain can be designed as room dividers, light partitioning, backdrops, fireplace screens, window treatments and shower curtain. Chain mail curtains have five styles according to its installation, and each has its own character.

Chainmail material:
Stainless steel and aluminum are main materials for chainmail production. They have excellent corrosion resistance and incombustibility. In contrast with curtain cloths, you just clean the chainmail by wet cloth.

Chainmail classification:
According to the amount of rings per square meter, chainmail curtains can be roughly divided into three groups: loose (≤35,000) and tight (≥135,000) (see fig1 and fig2). According to the shapes, it can be divided ring mesh and flat chainmail (see fig3).

Two fingers are pinching the hanging system of chainmail curtain.
The hanging system of chainmail curtain.
Two fingers are pinching a piece of copper plating chainmail curtain.
Measurement of chainmail curtain.
A piece of chainmail curtain is measured by a meter ruler.
The hanging system of chainmail curtain.

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