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Metal Chain Links in Various Fields

Metal chain link is a kind of decorative material that has come into its own in recent years. Its softness and flexibility take into account the glossiness of the metal, and with the track, it can be stretched from side to side like curtains. Metal chain links are often seen in the design of hotel lobbies, airport VIP rooms, concert hall ceilings, etc., and have become the new favorite of modern mainstream decorative arts. Metal chain links can also be widely used in space division, wall decoration, screen, and other fields, which is the ideal material for showroom and hotel decoration.

As an innovative decorative material, metal chain links have a wide range of application prospects in the field of design. They can not only provide a unique visual experience for architecture and interior space, but also realize a variety of functional needs, and also have certain advantages in environmental protection and durability. Whether in commercial spaces or private homes, metal chain links can bring unique charm and comfort to the space.

6 aluminum chain links of different colors on the tabletop
Shadows of the sagging gold chain link curtains reflected on the white floor

The softness of the metal mesh fabric and the flexibility of the metal chain links make them more designable and maneuverable. After anodized treatment, the metal chain link can be made into red copper, chrome, imitation gold, antique copper, gunmetal, coffee, and other colors, which are colorful, non-fading, and corrosion-resistant. Its color, width, and height can be customized at will, and it can also be made into frosted, laser, and other effects, which increases its artistic and technological significance.

Front and side view of the inline metal chain link type
Front and side view of staggered chain arrangement
Half drop
Various colors of metal chain link color display
Chain link color display on both sides and matte pages

The natural metallic color of the metal chain link can create a very artistic and technological visual effect with the different changes in light and the reflection effect produced by light. This effect can make the whole space more open and make people feel free and comfortable. Through the metal mesh curtain, it can form a whole space that is separated but not continuous, and this effect is different from the transparency of glass, which is more characterized by a hazy perspective. This visual effect can give people a feeling of openness and let people's imagination expand infinitely.

White chain links adorn on the ceiling of the hotel lounge
Interior ceiling decoration
Gold chain links adorn on the ceiling of the bar
Interior ceiling decoration
Golden chain links adorn on the ceiling
Interior ceiling decoration
Metal chain link on the ceiling is blue in the light.
Interior ceiling decoration
Golden chain links mounted around the lighting fixture
Hotel lobby design
Chain is wavy on the wall.
Wall decoration
The periphery at the show is decorated with silver chain links.
Exhibition booth design
The backstage of the concert is separated from the stage by chain links.
Concert stage background decoration
Brown chain links divide the interior space
Interior space divider
Silver chain links mounted at the corridor enclosure for decoration
Exterior gallery shading design

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