Chainmail Fringe Curtain Adding Elegance to the Property

Chainmail fringe curtain is an ideal alternative of backdrops, room dividers and window treatments. It is not only visually solid but also gives easy access through due to lightweight. If layered effect is preferred, add a further rod in front or behind to create a denser divider.

The main materials are stainless steel and yellow brass. Stainless steel has excellent corrosive resistance and will be always keep its original mental luster Brass has a special gold-like color and expresses a royal status. Especially under the sunshine, brass chainmail curtain is very impressive.

Product description:

  • Material: stainless steel; brass.
  • Rings per square meter: 35,000; 135,000.
  • Fire classification: No.
  • Overall size: customized.
Fringe chainmail curtain separates an area into two functional zones

Fringe chainmail curtain is a frequent alternative for room dividers. The different zones divided by the chainmail curtain is not affected by each other.