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Stainless Steel Mesh Curtain Help You Achieve Your Designs

Among all the materials of metal mesh curtains, some architects and designers prefer stainless steel mesh curtains, which are the most durable and robust of all metal alloys.

Stainless steel mesh curtains are commonly used outdoors as facade cladding and security screens. Indoors, the movable curtain is for space partitions, window curtains, ceiling decorations, and safety doors of retail stores.

304 stainless steel curtains and 316 stainless steel curtains are the most widely purchased.

Available Types

What we offer

  • Designs & drawings
  • Curtain fabric
  • Curtain tracks or sliding channels
  • Fixings
  • Maintenance
  • Mount & demount tools
  • Automatic control or manual
  • Electric service


  • Durability and flexibility
  • Movable curtain
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Strong screen


  • Metal mesh curtain.
  • Ceiling decoration.
  • Space partition.
  • Wall cladding mesh.
  • Security screen.
Stainless steel metallic curtain gama flexi divides the space in the dining room.
Space divider – metallic curtain gama flexi
Stainless steel mesh curtain on the perimeter of cafe to protect it from sunshine
Sunshine shading – metal coil drapery
The corridor decorated with stainless steel metal coil drapery on both sides
Passage curtain – metal coil drapery
Ceiling in bar decorated with stainless steel metallic curtain gama flexi above the counter
Ceiling decoration – metallic curtain gama flexi
Stainless steel metal coil drapery for wall decoration in the gallery
Wall decoration – metal coil drapery
Stainless steel metal curtain gama flexi for security fences at train stations
Security fence – metallic curtain gama flexi
Building facade decorated with stainless steel metal curtain gama flexi
Facade cladding – metallic curtain gama flexi
Stainless steel wire mesh belt curtains in supermarkets as safety door
Safety door – wire mesh belt curtain

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