Chainmail Armor with Stable Structure, Anti-Rust and Lightweight

Chainmail armor is an effective measure to protect your body against injuring. Chainmail armor is including chainmail coif, chainmail shirt, chainmail glove and chainmail pants. You can choose single one or both of them according to your application.

A chinmail coif is on the white background.

CHA-01: Chainmail coif

A chainmail shirt with short sleeves is on the white background.

CHA-02: Chainmail shirt

A chainmail glove with red edge is on the white background.

CHA-03: Chainmail glove

A pair of golden chainmail pants is on the white background.

CHA-04: Chainmail pants

Chainmail armor also can be called mail armor and medieval armor, it can be made of many materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, copper and so on. Chainmail armor adopts the pattern 4 in 1, that is each ring on chainmail armor links closely with the other four, this makes the structure of chainmail armor more stable to protect people from injuring. prevent knives, swords and other weapons from penetrating.

Chainmail armor has a long history. In ancient times, it was mainly used as the armor of soldiers and horses to defend against the enemy on the battlefield, but in modern time, it is mainly used for police officers, divers, butchers, chefs and carpenters to ensure that they are not hurt during works.

We also provide you with customized services. Customized chainmail armor can suit your size and figure maximumly and supply the best protection for your body.


  • Stainless steel and other corrosive resistant material for anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
  • Stable structure, chainmail armor adopts 4 in 1 chainmail pattern.
  • Chainmail armor can be customized to fit your body perfectly.
  • Lightweight, comfortable to wear.
  • After wearing with an excellent visual effects.
  • Strong and durable, can be used for a long time.


  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, bronze, etc.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, black coating, copper plating.
  • Linking method: riveted, butted.
  • Linking pattern: 4 in 1 pattern.
  • Ring diameter (mm): 9, 9.5, 10.
  • Ring type: round, flat.
A piece of stainless steel chainmail sheet is on the white background.

CHA-05: Stainless steel chainmail armor

A piece of aluminum chainmail sheet is on the white background.

CHA-06: Aluminum chainmail armor

A piece of brass chainmail sheet is on the white background.

CHA-07: Brass chainmail armor


Chainmail armor is mainly used for protecting the safety of people's body to prevent them from injuring in their work, such as:

  • Used as butcher protective clothing in meat packing industry or kitchen.
  • Used for wood carver to prevent hands form damaging.
  • Used for diver to prevent injuries form fish attacks.
  • Used as stab-proof vests for soldier, police or police dog.
A chef is cutting fish chainmail armor and chainmail glove.

CHA-08: Chainmail armor for chef

A police officer who is wearing chainmail armor is patrolling the streets.

CHA-09: Chainmail armor for police

A carver is engraving birds with graver and his left hand is wearing chainmail gloves.

CHA-10: Chainmail glove for carver

A diver who is wearing chainmail armor is feeding shark.

CHA-11: Chainmail armor for diver

A person who is working in metal processing industry is wearing a chainmail glove on his left hand.

CHA-12: Chainmail glove in metal processing industry