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Chainmail Curtain an Outstanding Way for Home Improvements

Chainmail curtain has wide applications from interior decoration to factories. Chainmail is used to make helmet and clothes for soldiers and warriors. With the development, designers find that chainmail is an ideal element for ornamentation. Tight and loose chainmail curtains are provided. The higher the number of rings per square meter, the tighter the curtain is. By the way, chainmail curtain has many types of installation, such as ring curtain, fringe curtain and track curtain.

Chainmail ring curtain enclosing a noisy machine
Chainmail curtain can also be employed by industries for its metal character. It is a temporary metal curtain, lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble.
Golden chainmail curtain blends well with the color of the room
Chainmail curtain is a versatile metal curtain. It has many styles according to hanging styles. This curtain is attached with a track system. So the fullness of curtain will be 200% if you prefer.

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