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Chain Link Curtain an Affordable Element of Changing Room Views

Chain link curtain has been an important decorative element. Its hook structure makes assemble and disassemble very easy and simple. Two materials - aluminum and anodized aluminum are used. Bake aluminum is usually silvery, while anodized aluminum is colorful including black, white, green, red, blue and any color. You can find it as doorway screens, window treatments and lamp screens. Chain link curtain has special hook structure. So it is very easy to install, for example, hang on a straight or curved rod.

Silvery chain link screen around the pendent lamp reflects soft light
Pendent lamp screen
Chain link curtain is ideal for creating a curved curtain for its hook structure. Its laminated display increases impression and enhances cubic effect.
Chain link curtain combined with a steel frame as a room divider
Room divider
Chain link curtain symbolically divide the room into several parts. On one hand, a large area has multiple functional zones. On the other hand, the space looks larger than ever before.

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