Metal Curtain Makes Your Living and Working Space Different

Metal curtains have been increasingly recognized and approved by more and more designers and property owners. They are gradually replacing their counterparts - fabric curtains over a great number of applications. Metal curtains not only have similar features to the cloth curtain such as flexibility and block light, but also prevents combustion.

Our company, Boegger Industech Limited has been a pioneer and now a leader of manufacturing various types of metal curtains since 2000. Over the past 17 plus years, all our staffs have been developing new models to the markets to satisfy special requirements. At the same time, we have been expanding markets' requirements.

Details about ring mesh curtain sample and metal coil curtain sample.

What are the materials of making metal curtains?
Stainless steel and aluminum are main materials of making curtains. Stainless steel is an excellent metal to resist corrosion and rust. Aluminum, especially anodized aluminum, is also rust proof. By the way, anodized aluminum can be any color.

What advantages of metal curtains?

  • Metal curtains are noncombustible.
    Common fabric curtain is easy to set on fire. However, metal curtain will never burn.
  • It serves you much longer.
    Whether aluminum or stainless steel, metal curtain will serves you much longer and need no or less maintenance.
  • Versatility.
    Metal curtains contain metal cloth, chainmail, chain link curtain and woven wire drapery.They are attached to tracks - curved or straight, to form different forms.

Where metal curtain used?

  • Room dividers
    Room dividers are necessary for a large space. They can divide the room into several relatively isolated zooms. Hence, the room will have a lot of functions.
  • Window treatments
    Chainmail curtain and chain link curtain are great for window treatments. They will reflects metallic light under sunlight. What is more, chain link curtain can be used as fly screen.

Boegger Industech Limited is and will be working hard to provide excellent pre-sale and after-sale services for any customer. If you have any order or question, just email us or call us directly.

Hot Products
A piece of stainless steel metal coil drapery mesh curtain on white background.

Stainless Steel Mesh Curtain

Stainless steel mesh curtain is popular in interior designers and architectural projects. One stop purchase of curtain fabric, tracks and designs & drawings.

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A piece of golden color coil fabric with a metal coin on its surface.

Metal Coil Drapery

Metal coil drapery, generally made of stainless steel or aluminum, can be used as curtains, space dividers, light partitioning, etc.

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Loose chainmail has less rings per square meter.

Chainmail Curtains

Chainmail curtains are mainly made of stainless steel and carbon steel. It can be used as dividers, fireplace screen, shower curtain and decorative curtain.

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six colors chain link curtains.

Chain Link Curtain

Chain link curtain is a premium choice for fly screen, doorway screen and divider curtains. It is rust proof, lightweight and easy to keep clean.

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A piece of architectural metal mesh placed on the ground

Architectural Metal Mesh

Architectural metal mesh, composed of stainless steel rope and wire, is designed with five different styles. It can be used as room dividers, partitions, and building facades.

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A piece aluminum metal cloth curtain.

Metal Cloth Curtain

Metal cloth curtain made of aluminum or black flakes and rings, is often used as room divider, ceiling cloth and shower contain. Available in various colors.

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A piece of colorful chain link curtain is hanging on the wall.

Environmental friendly material


We have three methods about the installations of metal curtain, U track installation, H track installation and stainless steel curtain rod installation. They all have strong steel support, free flowing gliders that can withstand all weights of metal curtains.

Durable doorway fly screen is easy to get through for people.

Chain Link Fly Screen

Chain link fly screen is easy to assemble in the summer and disassemble in the fall. It is not only keeps the insects out but also adds a metal texture to the house.

Golden woven wire drapery as a backdrop of a China antique furniture.

Room divider

Room divider is frequently used in large area. Metal curtains, such as chain link curtain, chainmail, woven drapery and beaded curtain, are available and affordable.


Exactly what I want!

quoteI am looking for a way to cover my treadmill. I want it in my bedroom but I don't want to see it all the time. I need some kind of room divider that can hide the treadmill but move aside when I want to work out and see the TV. And the sales expert advised me the chainmail curtain with rings. It is exactly what I want!

--- Rebecca, America

It works well!

quoteWe are working on a fitness studio that will have one large room incorporating weight machines and yoga. We want to have a curtain that separates the yoga section from the rest of the space. I was looking at something translucent, but still give some privacy. And the sales expert the anodized aluminum chain link curtain that features beautiful color and give some privacy.

--- Pat, Australia

Good recommendation!

quoteI would like some chain link curtains to go in-between basins as dividers in a hair salon. I would like the curtains can be fitted to the floor as well as the ceiling so that they would not move. And the sales suggested the flat chainmail instead of chain link curtain which features non movable.

--- Amy, France

Fantastic curtain!

quoteWe are renovating our retail store in Canada and require a curtain to separate our lab from the front retail. We want reasonable privacy between the rooms. And the sales experts suggested the flat chain mail in Matt black. And we found it is especially suitable for store and give reasonable privacy. What a fantastic curtain!

--- Jenny, Canada

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